Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)

Lateral epicondylitis(tennis elbow) in the forearm muscles to the bone-turnover markers in the outer part of the elbow lateral adhesion is the place which is the development of inflammation in the area epikondil. The moves upwards your wrist bone-turnover markers as a result of the repeated and excessive use of muscles and micro tears in the tendon damage occurs. Accordingly, pain is a result of inflammation in the development of the region. Most seen in people between the ages of 30-50.

What are the symptoms ?

  • Pain : In tennis elbow pain usually start gently and gradually over time
    increases. Activities used in the forearm and wrist pain becomes apparent. Look like the concept
    bone-turnover markers pain increases in activities of Nov. Pain in the outer part of the elbow and is located in the region of around
    you can spread. In progressive cases, there is pain at rest. In the form of burning or tingling may experience pain.
  • Power loss: Bone-turnover markers muscles that are responsible for the concept , conversion , retention activities to do such as it gets. The loss of power due to damage as well as severe pain because of the loss of power causes a further increase in that restricts the movements of the patient.

What are the symptoms of tennis elbow ?

The wrist, the forearm bone-turnover markers creates micro tears in the tendon of the muscles of excessive use of the muscles. Because the tendon is less blood supply, healing is delayed and occurs in the region increases inflammation and pain. All the people who have made this specific movements often are at risk.Sports, especially the sport of tennis technique and develop tennis elbow due to overuse incorrect. The name of the disease is here. Also people who work in professions where it is used of the forearm wrist and repetitive yakanma high risk of this disease.

Tennis elbow diagnosis and evaluation

After evaluating the patient's symptoms and physical examination, a special assessment can be diagnosed with a test. The test is used for detailed evaluation of MRI and EMG. Also , grip, wrist and forearm Nov force and the functions are evaluated.

What are the methods that are used for physical therapy, tennis elbow ?

  • Manual Therapy: Applied and massage with special techniques in reducing pain and
    it is intended to accelerate the recovery.
  • Elektrofiziksel Agents
  • Kinezyolojik Banding: Allows the reduction of pain and inflammation. Myofasial in the region by providing relaxation speeds up the healing process.
  • The use of a Brace (epicondylitis band): Brace strain on tendons used
    by providing their relaxation and reducing speeds up the healing process.
  • Activity modification (edited): Completely the limitation of motion in the affected muscles only
    motions are restricted. In this way, the tissue a chance to heal finds.

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