Kinezyolojik Banding

Kinezyolojik Banding Technique

Kinezyolojik banding, and joints without restricting range of motion of the body by providing support to Oct natural healing is a method that speeds up the process. Developed by Dr. Kenzo in 1970 in recent years many technical areas began to be used in bowl. Kinezyo tape physiotherapists trained in this technique applies an expert in anatomy.

Mechanism Of Action Tape Kinezyolojik

Kinezyolojik banding technique, not unlike restricted joint movement, range of motion supported banding is done. Painless, because it does not restrict range of motion to move in a pattern is provided. The banding of the skin and subcutaneous soft tissues intertisyel range increases. Thus, decreasing the pressure on this area of falling here for the circulation of blood increases.

Thanks to special techniques babntlama, accelerates healing while reducing tissue edema and inflammation. As a result of reducing the pressure in the region, and decreases the symptoms of pain in the nerve endings.

Kinezyolojik Banding Technique Is Used In Areas Where

  • Nov and tendon injuries
  • Ligament (ligament) injuries
  • Athlete injuries
  • Nov spasms and pain
  • Lymphedema system disorders
  • Joint instability
  • Nervous jams
  • Pre physical activity support
  • Some of the neurological diseases
  • Chronic back and neck pain
  • Posture disorders(scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis)
  • Edematous regions
  • In order to support athletes in competition

Features Kinezyolojik Bands

Kinezyolojik bands, has been developed in a way that does not damage the skin and the soft tissue. Any medications, latex or does not contain harmful substances. Longitudinal bands 60% esnemez can stretch whereas transverse it. They can protect their flexibility for a period of 3-4 days after application. Bands allows you to get air to the skin with special structures. It is resistant against water. There is nothing wrong with the practice after taking a shower or swimming.

The Difference Of Other Banding Techniques Kinezyolojik Tape

Kinezyolojik banding, without limiting the range of motion of the tape with a special structure, the pressure on the soft tissue is taken. The normal movement of the structures in the region, while they have the opportunity to healing. Also kinezyolojik tape in the region of the nervous system, has positive effects on the circulatory system and the lymphatic system. Edematous tissue is very effective in reducing edema.

Classic rigid banding because the work is done with the aim of supporting joint movements are restricted. Has a healing effect on the soft tissue.

Side Effects In The Banding Technique Kinezyolojik

Depending on the Applied area sticky substance, sometimes allergic reactions such as itching or redness can be seen. If an allergic reaction develops, the tape is ejected. After we get old, skin can be applied again.

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