Flattened The Curve Of The Waist

Falling on to absorb the burden of the human spine, load distribution, to ensure full-range of motion to provide functionality to create and has a natural curvature. Thanks to this curvature of the spine and the surrounding muscles of the load is minimized. When viewed from the side towards the front is close to the natural curvature in the lower back called a lordosis. Take a look of the curvature in the lumbar spine generally flat the waist to the curve is flattened.

The waist of the curve is flattened.

In the lumbar region the flexor bone-turnover markers and strength of the muscles in the lumbar region lordoz balance ensures the preservation of the natural length. In the time of imbalance between these two muscles can cause them to become incorrect depending on the usage waist. Especially people who work the desk and long-term motor vehicle since your back is in the wrong position for a long time, flattened the curve of the waist is formed. People who play sports in Nov flattened lumbar curve due to the lack of an equal and balanced study groups may develop. Also in the lumbar region, trauma, herniated disc, lumbar disorders such as spasms Nov Nov mechanics and by disrupting the balance of the waist curve can be flattened.

What are the effects of straightening the waist?

The normal spine curvature in the lumbar region and minimises the load on the energy use Nov. The middle line of the center of gravity ensures that the body remains in. The curve flattened curvature of the spine, muscles and surrounding tissues increases the burden. This is also degeneration of the spine, hernias, and Nov will cause spasms and pain. All the body mechanics that are interconnected by changing the center of gravity is broken.

What is the diagnosis and assessment in straightening the waist?

Physical examination lumbar lumbar posture can be understood in the evaluation of the curve to be flattened. For accurate results, X-ray and MRI imaging is used. Examination of the structures and muscles as well as environmental duzlesmen is also done. Nov force and length imbalances in the lumbar region, functionality and mobility is evaluated. In addition, patients with pain, limitation of motion, and activities of daily living also is queried.

What are the methods of physical therapy for the curve of the waist to be flattened?

  • Manual therapy: Specific manual therapy techniques are applied to re-create the normal curvature in the waist. To the practice of physical therapy for pain and spasms made.
  • Clinical Pilates
  • Dry Needling
  • Trophy Therapy
  • Exercise: Muscle force and length in the waist applies to the balance of exercises that will create again. Relaxation exercises, and stretching the shortened muscles, strength, decreased muscle strength exercises are valid. Also to re-create correct posture posture exercises are performed.
  • Posture training: In a person's daily life and activities about how to posture training.
  • Activity modification (edited): Activities that could cause it to be replaced by flattened the curve of the waist. A training on the use given to the waist in the right position.

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